Родословная кошки мейн кун CH Ophirusland Carrera








 GICH Porsche Ferdinand  ds 22




GICH Summerplace Flaming Heart  a 22


Summerplace Willow

ns 22

Q’s Blue Bear of Magic Love as

Summerplace Pantera   ns 22


Summerplace Quesella

g 22

Shanty’s Hijacker d 22

Casey of Koi Pond

f 22





 CH Salexcoon’s Desire  fs 09


WCH Lioncoon’s Ulrich e 22

DGC TICA Superstar’sSandokhan  n 22

CH TICA Arctic Coon’s Cher f 22


Paradise Coons Celina

ns 22

CH Leon Palace of Wings ns

Explorer’s Miss Undercover  f 03









 CH Pillowtalk’s Hello Kitty  ds 





Pillowtalk’s Viva Las Vegas  ds 22


Cool Motion’s Manolo

n 22 09

Faricoon Cadilac

ns 22

Kimberly Lavender Love*PL fs 22 09


Pillowtalk’s Hot Kiss

f 22

Pillowtalk’s Marascino  

d 22

Pillowtalk’s Ultra Stars  

a 22





 Crop Circle Maukats-Coons   fs 09


Maimefield’s Hit The Road Jack  ds 22 09

Summerplace Avalon   

ds 22

Galadriela Silvi-Cola*PL fs


Pillowtalk’s Etoile Noire  n

Cool Motion’s  Angel Sky n

Pillowtalk’s Octavia  

f 22 09